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essaywriter covers the entire essay lifecycle; brainstorm, research, reference, write, structure, restructure, review and publish.

No more switching between applications when creating an idea map, writing content or referencing, so all work is productive.

essaywriter now has an in-built Inspiration importer. This enables students to easily import and edit Inspiration documents into essaywriter, completing their written work without missing a beat!

Why recommend essaywriter for your DSA students...

Reduces stress and saves time

All-in-one design lets the user brainstorm, structure, research, edit and publish

Improves structure

Essays are structured automatically and instantly visible and split-screen

Reduce distractions

essaywriter helps the student to focus on parts of the essay without getting overwhelmed by the detail

Referencing made easy

essaywriter helps to create a well referenced document, reducing the complexity and stress of referencing

Manage information

Unique 3D view helps visualise the structure of large essays with ease

Supports short term memory

Simultaneous map and text view mean the student does not have to keep the essay structure in memory

How essaywriter works...

Students can create an essay which is an accurate reflection of ability, unclouded by their disability

The software makes it easy for the student to concentrate on the content and worry less about stressful mechanics of the essay writing process

Easy for visual and spatial thinkers to create well-structured essays

Highly visual idea maps are used to create and edit essay structure. The document is collated from the idea map, with the user seeing both the structure overview and the essay text

Students can make their essays as good as their ideas

Essay Writer helps the student to create work that accurately reflects their ideas about the subject, and supports them in reviewing and publishing their essays.

Helps to avoid accidental plagiarism

When the text is pasted, the program encourages the student to create a place holder for the reference, enabling the student to enter the reference data immediately or keep track of all references still required

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If you qualify for disabled students allowance (DSA), ask your DSA assessor about essaywriter. Why not download your 30 day free trial while you wait.

University doesn’t have a site license or you don’t qualify for DSA?

Download a 30 day free trial and if you like it, purchase a license here (from 58p per week!)

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