University of Bath Instructions

Getting Essay Writer couldn't be easier if you are at the University of Bath.  

Step 1: Download & Install

To download choose one of the following installers depending on your computer's operating system:

Windows Installation Instructions


MacOS Installation Instructions


Linux Installation Instructions


Step 2: Get the Licence

There are 2 methods of licensing depending on where you are when you run the program:

Recommended: Visit our Video Tutorials / Read "Quick Start" Document

We recommend that you visit our video tutorials page. If this is the first time you are using EssayWriter we strongly recommend that you have a look at the "Overview" to find out what EssayWriter can do and "Quick Start" tutorial to show you the first steps. There are more tutorials there which show you how to use referencing and other features. EssayWriter will also display a "Getting Started" document when you load it, this document too explains a lot of the features of the program.

Recommended: Download the Harvard Referencing Style

DISCLAIMER: BioSilico Limited will not accept any liability for use of the referencing styles. These referencing styles are provides for convenience only and it remains the user's responsibility to ensure that the resulting essay is using the correct reference style.

We have two files to download:

- First is the Harvard referencing style for most University of Bath students: HarvardStyle_bath-ac-uk_v1-0.xml. This is an .xml file, to use it, use Edit->Import Settings... and select the xml file and click "Import". Then, to set this as the new default, click "Edit->Save Settings as Blank Template". If you are struggling to download this file please download the zipped version and unzip first:

- Second is a large file of multiple reference types, produced in this style: Referencing_Examples_bath-ac-uk_v1-0.ewd. This is an .ewd file. The file demonstrates the style and gives a lot of hints about referencing. If you are struggling to download this file please download the zipped version and unzip it first:

If you have any suggestions, please contact us on our Support Page.



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