MacOS Installation

How to install on MacOS:

When you have downloaded the Mac version of EssayWriter, it will appear into the download folder located on your Dock.


(If you have removed the downloads from your Dock, then go to the Go menu and you will see downloads in that drop down.)

Once you have located the actual download (“EssayWriter_2.7.0002.dmg” in this instance (you could be downloading a newer version)), then double click onto the file, this will open the disk image file.


Once the virtual disk is opened, you should see the contents of the disk image file.


Double click on the EssayWriter_2.7.0002.pkg file, to launch the installer


To start the installation just press continue. Once you have pressed continue you will be brought to the Software Licence Agreement.


Read through the licence agreement, and press continue. 


You will be asked if you agree with the licence agreement or not, click Agree to confirm.


On this screen it tells you can change the installation location. Once you are happy with the install location press the install button to begin the installation.


Wait for the installation to finish and you should see the “The installation was completed successfully” screen.


Just press close on this screen and EssayWriter will then be installed onto your machine and ready for use.


The Essay Writer logo will now appear in your applications folder.

To pin EssayWriter to your Dock you need to open it first


With the program open right click onto the EssayWriter logo that is now on your dock


Go to options and then keep on dock. EssayWriter will now be on your dock for quick access


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