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As we all know, essay writing can be a frustrating, laborious task, especially for people who aren't used to the pressure and workloads. Between the planning, the research, creating ideas, effective structuring and then writing the content in a format that works, it can be a lonely, frightening place. However it doesn't need to be. There are tools out there to make the essay writing process more productive and efficient. 

Last Updated: Thursday, 15 November 2018 13:11

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University of Bath Essay Writer Demo


Last week we visited the University of Bath to inform students all about Essay Writer, the productivity tool that helps students and staff plan, structure, write and reference essays/reports more efficiently. 

Last Updated: Wednesday, 07 November 2018 13:35

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Essay Writer - Big News For Students and Staff at The University of Bath!


Essay Writer, the all-in-one productivity tool to help you create quality research/reports/assignments faster, is NOW available for all University of Bath students and staff.  

Last Updated: Friday, 26 October 2018 15:24

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