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Last week we visited the University of Bath to inform students all about Essay Writer, the productivity tool that helps students and staff plan, structure, write and reference essays/reports more efficiently. 

The University have purchased a site license so everyone who attends has free access to the software. We were there to increase awareness amongst the students and staff, inform them what Essay Writer is and highlight the benefits of the software itself.

We were incredibly busy throughout the day, although our demo area being in a prime position in the student union helped immensely. Students were eager to learn more about the software and what it can do, as well as having a play around with it for themselves. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with many of the features of Essay Writer striking a chord with those who either dislike, or struggle with, the writing process.

The split-screen view option, whereby the user can keep an eye on the structure/ideas of their essay as well as the content simultaneously, proved particularly popular. The ability to alter the structure of an essay just by moving the idea map around also went down well with those we spoke to, as did the instant bibliography and auto-updated table of contents.


 Split screen view allows you to track the ideas, content and flow of your assignments simultaneously. Moving the ideas around on the left hand side automatically moves the content on the right hand side to match!


All in all we had a fantastic day spent amongst very good people. To the University of Bath, we thank you for allowing us to come and spend the day discussing Essay Writer with your students, who are an absolute credit to the university. Thanks in particular to Luiza from the AT Department for organising everything and thanks to the student union for finding such a great space for us. Thanks also to the students for engaging freely with us, it was great to meet you all.

This software is available for all University of Bath students and lecturers via the AT Department. To grab your copy of Essay Writer, click here (student login required).

For anyone else interested in Essay Writer, click here for your free 30-day trial, where you'll see just how Essay Writer will transform your writing by allowing you to:

  • Brainstorm – visually map your ideas out
  • Keep track of ideas and content with the split-screen view
  • Connect your ideas into groups/topics/chapters
  • Restructure the content of an essay just by moving the idea maps
  • Never lose/forget your good ideas
  • Reference sources accurately and quickly - no more manually inputting references
  • Create contents tables/bibliographies at the touch of a button


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