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As we all know, essay writing can be a frustrating, laborious task, especially for people who aren't used to the pressure and workloads. Between the planning, the research, creating ideas, effective structuring and then writing the content in a format that works, it can be a lonely, frightening place. However it doesn't need to be. There are tools out there to make the essay writing process more productive and efficient. 

Before we tell you what we can do to transform your essay writing, first we should tell you what we won't do.

We are NOT one of those 'essay writing services' that promise to write high quality essays/reports in no time at all. If you take anything away from this, it should be to never use one of those services. It goes without saying that it's never a good idea to get someone to write on your behalf, without the knowledge that you've accumulated, your writing style and the way you approach your work. Also, as you aren't party to the writing itself there is a high chance of plagiarism, which is the death knell for any essay and something that will not reflect well on you. 

So no, we can't and won't write your essays for you. What we can do is provide YOU with the tools it takes to create better essays, faster. To do that, you need Essay Writer.

Essay Writer is a productivity tool that allows you to research, structure, write and reference your essays and reports in one place. This dramatically reduces the time wasted frantically searching between various applications for your ideas or sections of written content...because it's all there on screen for you!

Combining innovative idea maps with text writing capabilities, Essay Writer is the only essay writing tool out there that employs a split screen view, allowing you to keep an eye on both your structure and written content at the same time.

One of the most impressive aspects of Essay Writer, and one that increases efficiency is that moving the idea maps around to change structure automatically moves the content to match. Therefore you can change the structure to improve the flow of your work with the click of a button, without having to cut and paste the content around.

Imagine trying to find a particular section of text that could be halfway down page 27 and wanting to move it up to page 5, where it improves the argument you want to make. The potential to lose or misplace what you've done and end up in cut and paste hell is extremely high. With Essay Writer, those days are gone as you simply move the section on the idea map where you want it to be.

Other ways Essay Writer software will speed up your essay writing include:

  • instant, auto-updated table of contents - create a table of contents at the touch of a button that, when moving your contents around on the idea map, automatically updates the table
  • referencing made easy - inputting the url of something you've referenced in your work will automatically create a bibliography, so there is no need to manually input each reference
  • instantly exports into word or powerpoint - you can hand in or present your work with ease
  • in-built academic phrase bank - eliminates the nightmare of the blank page
  • switch between map only, text only or split screen depending on what works best for you


text only view showing content and bibliography

So try not to worry about the stress, the panic, the approaching deadlines and everything else that goes with it, because now you know it doesn't have to be this way. Essay Writer will speed up the essay writing process, improve the structure of your written work and ultimately help you achieve higher grades. The only thing it won't do is write your content for you.

To see just how Essay Writer can transform the way you approach and create written work, check out our video tutorials here. Alternatively, download your free 30-day trial here and let us know what you think.

If you're still wondering if Essay Writer is the tool to help transform your essay writing, take a look at the table below, which includes a series of problems that may be familiar to you, along with how Essay Writer resolves them.


Do you have difficulties with the structure and layout of essays? Comparison Arrow


Highly visual graphical idea maps allows you to see very clearly how your ideas will fit together.


Have you always had difficulty producing essays? Comparison Arrow


Idea map and essay are produced side by side so that you can instantly see the essay and re-structure it by changing the idea map.


Can you get distracted if there is “too much going on”? Comparison Arrow


Essay is researched, structured, written and referenced in one program which has a simple and clean user interface, reducing the need to switch between applications.


Have you tried to use mind mapping in the past but spend more time creating the mind map than the work associated with it? Comparison Arrow


In Split Screen View the essay is created simultaneously with the idea map so all work is productive.


Have you got difficulties with short term memory and processing information? Do you find it difficult to remember the full scale of a concept and see the piece as a whole? Comparison Arrow


Idea map can be tilted and rotated in 3D allowing you to see even large maps in their entirety, thus reducing the amount of information that needs to be held in short term memory.


Do you find it difficult to get started with an essay and to use the appropriate academic language? Comparison Arrow


Templates and built-in academic phrase bank help you to overcome blank page syndrome while at the same time produce properly worded academic writing.


Do you find it difficult to create bibliography? Comparison Arrow You can add bibliographic references with ease at any time, references are automatically formatted in Harvard or indexed style.

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