Happy New Year - What You Can Expect In 2019!


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Firstly, as the title states, everyone on the Essay Writer team wish you a Happy New Year. We hope your 2018 was great and 2019 is filled with all the H’s…health, happiness and higher grades for your essays. While we can’t help directly with the first of those 2, we do have something that can help with achieving higher grades, (which in turn can positively contribute to the others!).

The team here at Essay Writer is made up exclusively of academics; as such we have plenty of experience writing essays, stories, theses, dissertations etc and know full well many of the problems faced by students today. While there are certain tools that can help some people at the ideas stage of essay writing, things like mind-mapping software and the like, we felt that there wasn’t an all-in-one essay writing tool for students…so we designed one!

Essay Writer was created specifically to help students produce a better standard of written work, regardless of ability. Our software allows you to create your essays, from idea to completion in one program. So you can brainstorm, structure, write, restructure, accurately reference, edit and publish your work without switching between applications. This helps those with short-term memory issues, those who struggle with structure, people with hidden disabilities or those who just find the whole process a frightening one.

Our mission in 2019 is to spread the word about how Essay Writer can help you transform your written work. So, what can you expect from us in the coming 12 months?


  • New tutorial videos – these will provide practical demonstrations of some of the features of Essay Writer and how they can help you
  • New features – we are always working to make Essay Writer a more inclusive tool and something that all students can use. As a result, we’re always finding ways to improve it and 2019 will see new features to make the whole process easier/faster
  • Webinars – for students, lecturers and DSA Assessors to learn more about the software and what makes it the number 1 essay writing tool around
  • Trade show appearances – for those who want to come and say hello, learn a little more and try the software out


We’ll keep this brief, but again we’d like to wish you a fantastic 2019. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates or, if you can't wait head over to our video tutorials page to see Essay Writer in action and let us know what you think.

Speak soon.

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