Essay Writing Tip #2 - The Beauty of the Split-Screen

If you’re writing an essay with the help of a mind-mapping tool then you probably use it for things like brainstorming and forming an overall outline of your work. Once this is done and you’re happy with what you have you will load up a word processing tool such as Microsoft Word, export your ideas and begin writing the content of your essay in earnest.

But the issue with this is that essays are fluid, constantly changing things. Halfway through you may decide that a particular section or chapter isn’t working and needs to be changed or scrapped, or that what you thought was a great opening to an argument would be better placed in another area of the essay entirely. What then?

Well, the chances are you would have to import the word document back into the mind mapping tool and make changes at the structural level, before again exporting it back into Word (if the software supports it that is) to continue. All this takes time, effort and can disrupt work flow. This can be even worse if you struggle with short-term memory issues.

It all sounds more complicated than it needs to be. However, it doesn’t have to be and with Essay Writer this isn’t the case.

Essay Writer is a comprehensive writing and productivity tool that allows you to create your essays from idea to completion without changing applications.  It utilises mind-mapping technology alongside word processing functionality, meaning that the entire essay life cycle is supported from one single program.

One of the key features with this is the split-screen function.  This provides you with the ability to see both the structure/ideas for your essay on one side of the screen and the actual written content on the other. What this means is that your essay structure is always visible and that you can write/edit the text in context.

This makes for a better standard of written work because:

  1. all work is productive
  2. you don’t have to steer between programs to try and make your essay work
  3. focus and concentration is maintained throughout

If at any point you only want to see your ideas, or indeed only the written content, then Essay Writer allows you the choice to view idea/structure only, text only or split screen.

It also means that, if at any point during your essay you decide the structure needs to be changed, you simply drag your idea on the map to where you want it to go and the text, table of contents and bibliography automatically update with it.

So there you have it, a little bit on one of the key features of Essay Writer, the split-screen function. This is one of the many things that makes Essay Writer a key writing tool for people of all abilities. To learn more about this, please check out this video on our website.

Click here to download your free Essay Writer trial and let us know your thoughts!

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