Getting Started On Your Essays - A Guide For All Students!


As it is a new year and a time for new starts, we thought it would be a good time to tell you a little bit more about the quick start guide to Essay Writer. 

The quick start guide is the perfect way to get to know the program and its basic functions. For those that are unfamiliar with it, Essay Writer is a complete essay creation tool, enabling users to brainstorm, write, restructure, reference and publish all from one simple program. There are no time-consuming, energy sapping deviations to other software required, so distractions are eliminated and focus is maintained throughout the process, clearing the way to higher grades.

While it was designed as an Assistive Technology tool for students with hidden disabilities such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, mild Autism etc, its many inclusive features mean that it works equally as effectively for students of all abilities. As such, Universities should have no concerns rolling the software out throughout campus for use by all students and indeed staff.

So, the quick start guide perfectly illustrates both sides of the essay writing coin: the structure and ideas side that all good essays should begin with, along with the text sections involving the actual written content of your work. Being able to keep an eye on both of these, at the same time with the split-screen function, (more on that here) if required, means that ideas and content play an equal role and ensures your finished essays are always as good as your ideas. Yet another way to improve the standard of your work.

The video includes the brainstorming session, covered in more detail here, how to link your ideas together, beginning work on your written content, how to restructure your essay as you go, and finally how your finished essay will look when complete.

We could write a lot more on each of these areas but it would be far easier and more effective, (not to mention less boring) if we showed you.

This link takes you right to the  quick start tutorial, with links to all the other instructional videos we have for you beneath the video itself.

So why not download your free Essay Writer trial here and use our quick and simple tutorial videos to ease you through the process? Or, speak to your DSA Assessor or University AT department and ask to look at Essay Writer? It really couldn’t be simpler and you too could transform your written work.

More on Essay Writer and its features coming soon.

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