Essay Writing Tip #3 - Restructuring Made Easy!

We’re often told by students who use Essay Writer that one of the key features that really helps them with their written work is the ability to restructure essays quickly in real time. Nailing the structure of your essay can be the difference between success and failure, so being able to change things around quickly can really help your finished work. Let’s use an example.

You’ve written your essay, your happy with the information you have included, but certain things need moving around to improve the flow of the essay and better state your arguments.

With other word processing software, your structure is fixed, just as you have written it. To change anything, you would have to find the section you want to change, then cut and paste it into where you want it to go and hope your work flows better as a result. You would then have to go back to your table of contents and bibliography to manually update accordingly.

However, what if you paste it into the wrong place accidentally? You then need to find it again, which in a larger assignment can be tricky enough in itself, undo what you have done and perform the same task again, hopefully inserting it into the correct place.

This throws up further issues, such as did you cut and paste or copy and paste? You would need to go through your essay and read through it again to check. All of this takes valuable time. Or at least it does if you don’t have Essay Writer.

For those that do have Essay Writer, it couldn’t be simpler. Simply drag and drop the idea on your idea map to the new place you want it to go and the text follows suit automatically. Not only that, the table of contents and position of your references in your bibliography automatically update along with it! If you don’t think moving the section in question has had a positive effect, simply drag your idea to a place on the map where it does. Voila! Your essay has been restructured in seconds.

Just think of how much time and effort can be saved, not to mention eliminating the much hated ‘cut and paste hell’ scenario that we’ve all found ourselves stuck in from time to time.

The real beauty of this is, you can edit your assignments as you write them, not wait until you’ve finished writing your content and then wading through your essay to edit it.

To sum up, the benefits of the easy restructure feature in Essay Writer include:

1) It improves the structure of your essays, leading to better marks

2) Essay structure is never frozen, it can always be changed

3) It can be done at the click of a mouse, so saves time that could be spent on more productive areas

4) No loss of information due to being in the cut and paste wormhole

5) It allows the writer to test which version of the essay works best

6) Less time moving things around ensures focus is maintained

7) No more manually moving table of contents or references once inputted

For those who struggle with Essay Structure, Essay Writer can have a profound effect on the quality of your writing. You can see more videos on the Essay Writer website here or, get your free trial and try it for yourself.  Alternatively, ask your DSA Assessor or University AT department for more information.

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