Setting Defaults

Setting Defaults

Explore and customise many settings in Essay Writer. To apply these to future documents, save them as defaults.

Setting Defaults.

Set your default settings in Essay Writer software: The two main locations are 'File' then 'Properties', and 'Edit' then 'Document Settings'. In 'File' and 'Page Setup', you can change paper size, orientation, and margins. In 'Edit', you can also 'Save as Blank Template' to save time on your next assignment. Remember to click the 'Help...' buttons for more options.

Headers and Footers

Headers and Footers

Add a header and footer to your printed pages. You can automatically include your name and document title.

Headers and Footers.

Add Headers and Footers in Essay Writer software: Go to 'File' and 'Properties' to fill in your name or student number and document title. Next, go to 'Edit', 'Document Settings', 'Text View', and 'Print Style'. In 'Header _ Footer', input %author% or %title% in the desired print area. Click the 'Help...' button for more options.

Map Layouts

Map Layouts

The default map layout is a star layout, where Ideas spread out from the Central Idea. Other options include horizontal and vertical layouts, for linear ordering.

Change your Map Layout.

Change your Map Layout in Essay Writer software: Right-click the Central Idea on your Map. The default colour is pink. Hover over 'Layout' and left-click which one you want to use. 'Star layout' is the default, for spreading ideas across the map, evenly spaced. Horizontal and vertical layouts are more compact.

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