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Customise your printed work, by adjusting the text and print styles.

Setting up your Printed Document.

Set up your printed pages in Essay Writer software: Go to 'File' and 'Print Preview' to check how your document will be printed. In 'File' and 'Page Setup', you can change paper size, orientation, and margins. For standard options: go to 'Edit', 'Document Settings', and 'Text View'. Then go to 'Print Style'. Click the 'Help...' buttons for more options.

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Idea Status and Recent Edits

While editing your essay, you can see which areas of the map are finished or need work. Set each Idea's status, adding small icons to them. Display the 'age' of an Idea's most recent edit to keep track of where to refocus.

Idea Status and Edit Age.

Ideas' status and most recent edits in Essay Writer software: right-click to change status and change Document Settings to show edit age.
Right-click an Idea to change its status. This will display the icon you choose on the bottom-right of the Idea. To display the most recent edit age of each Idea, go to 'Edit' then 'Document Settings...' Open the 'Labels' tab and check 'Modified in recent' to alter the settings.

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Working with Branches

As you build up your map, you will collect many ideas. You may find it helpful to hide parts of the map, to concentrate on the work at hand.

Branching Ideas.

Click the 'Expand' or 'Collapse' branch icons at the top-right of the Idea to show or hide its leaf Ideas. Connect Ideas by dragging one over another -- or use the 'Create Links' button. View mixed mode with the 'Map|Text' button. With the text panel open, Ideas moved on the Map will change essay structure in the document. The available command buttons on the closest row will change depending on which panel is active.

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Brainstorming with Rapid Fire

Want to add ideas to a particular branch quickly? Rapid fire allows you to do just that:

Rapid Fire.

Rapid Fire Ideas in Essay Writer software: Select an Idea on the Map, then press the Rapid Fire button. This will brainstorm off of the branch Idea selected. Type a word or short phrase, and press 'Enter' to separate each leaf Idea. Turn the mode off when finished.

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