Referencing 1: Physical Sources

Referencing Physical Sources

This is the first of our tutorials on referencing in Essay Writer. The first example references a physical book.

Essay Writer Referencing 1: Physical Sources.

Click the spot in your text where you want the citation to be added. Press the 'Add Ref.' button in the closest row of command buttons. Select the 'Bibliographic References' tab and press the 'New' button. Select the closest reference type, and fill in as much information as you have.

Referencing 2: Digital Sources

Referencing Digital Sources

Essay Writer Referencing 2: Digital Sources.

If you copy text from a webpage and paste into your document, the software will prompt you whether to add as a reference or not. Press 'Yes' to include it as a quotation. You must open the reference, then check all details for accuracy. Ensure the web address is in the 'URL' field, and today is the 'Access Date'.

Referencing 3: Articles

Referencing Articles

Essay Writer Referencing 3: Articles.

Use 'Article', 'Electronic Journal Article', or 'Webpage' for journal and newspaper articles. Where you can determine an electronic material's print information (publisher, town, page, etc.) it will be simpler to do so, rather than present the digital version. Include DOIs and other codes in the 'Notes' field, if you prefer.

Referencing 4: Change your Reference Style

Change Your Reference Style

Essay Writer Referencing 4: Change Reference Style.

Go to 'Edit', 'Document Settings', and 'Bibliography'. The 'Reference Style' drop-down menu includes the options 'Harvard' (author, date) and 'Indexed' (numbered). You can choose to sort authors' names alphabetically within each reference. Future videos will explore 'Expert Mode'.

Referencing 5: Quotations

What, When, and How to Quote

Essay Writer Referencing 5: Quotations.

Copy from a digital source and paste into the program. This includes text from a webpage, local software, or another Spark-Space document. Verify all information pulled from the webpage and amend if necessary. Frame the quote within your document and explain its relevance.

Referencing 6a: Import from PubMed and EndNote

Import from Databases: PubMed and EndNote

Referencing 6a: Importing from Databases - PubMed and EndNote.

Make your Reference List in PubMed or EndNote. In PubMed: go to 'My NCBI', select your reference list, press 'Send to', 'File', and format as 'XML'. In EndNote: go to 'Format', 'Export References', and choose 'EndNote' or 'RefMan' style for your list. You may need to change the filename extension to match. In Essay Writer: go to 'File', 'Import', and 'Open' the chosen file. Finally, attach the Reference Ideas to your Reference List Idea.

Referencing 6b: Import from Zotero

Import from Databases: Zotero

Referencing 6b: Importing from Databases - Zotero.

Create or log in to your free account. Check the details in your reference list entries both before importing them, and afterwards. Press the Zotero button in Essay Writer, then the red 'Add Account' button or double-click 'Unknown' to launch your web browser. Check the address bar before logging it. Press 'Change Permissions' to review the access requested, and 'Accept Defaults' when you are finished. The Zotero panel will now display your collected references. Press the green 'Refresh' button to display any external Zotero changes.

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